Aluma Silicone1 high temperature paint

High temperature paint

A high temperature aluminum paint up to 600°C or 540°C black paint.

Aluma Silicone high temperature paint.
Aluma Silicone high temperature paint.

Organic modified silicon resin Aluminum paint resistant up to 540°C top dry heat, based on combustion Silicones to withstand especially high temperatures for the protection of concrete, iron and other surfaces at very high temperatures environment up to 540 degrees Celsius.


  • Quick drying top coat paint.
  • Outstanding adherence ability to iron and/or concrete chimneys, ovens, etc.
  • Very economical and may be applied in one thin 15-25 microns layer.
  • Resistant to humid and damp environmental conditions.
  • Resistant up to 540 degrees Celsius.
  • May be applied to a Zinc Silicate base to obtain an anticorrosive system resistant to high temperatures.


  • Painting marginal metals, especially hot burning heat protection for industries working with outstanding heat.
  • Painting walls and metal surfaces in steel melting plants.
  • Painting of large light reflectors for maximum light return,
  • Magnesium plants, coatings for enamel, ceramics, ovens and others developing especially high heat.
  • Industrial steam chimneys and piping transporting hot liquids.
  • Heat speeders, heat exchangers, hot gas and hot vapor spewing systems, hot equipment, water and oil boilers, etc.

Technical Data:

  • Theoretically area covered: 1 liter for 8 m2 •
  • Consumption: 125 microns wet layer leaves 25 microns dry.
  • Solids content: 20 %
  • Flexibility: l mm (SHEEN).
  • Density: 1.1-1.15 gm/cm3
  • Viscosity: 0.2-0.5 (HAAKE).
  • Hardness: >3 Dg (Erickson) After heating in oven at 200°C during 50  seconds.
  • Recommended layer thickness 15-25 microns each layer dry film.
  • Recommended number of layers:  2

High temperature paint


  • Special organic silicon combustion resins. ו
  • High temperature Aluminum powder. ו
  • Flexible materials. ו
  • Additives. ו

Color :

  • Aluminum/silver. ו
  • Black ו


  • Silky mat. ו

Touch dry time:

  • 6 hours. ו

Drying between layers:

  • 24 hours: final 24 hours. ו
  • Final hardness achieved after 7 days. ו

Methods of application:

  • Spray, brushing. ו
  • If the material is not uniform and behaves like mercury (forming drops) due to high inner high pressure stress, the surface is to be painted and after waiting 60 seconds paint again, until a smooth surface is obtained. ו
  • It is recommended to mix the paint well before and during painting. ו

Aluma Silicone1 high temperature paint

High temperature paint


  • Spraying: 0-5% thinner D-21 pressure 4-5 atm. (can do without thinning). ו
  • Brushing/roller:  up to 5% (can do without thinning). ו
  • Airless:  0-5% thinner D-21 pressure 5-6 atm. 0.015” nozzle (can do without thinning). ו

Surface preparation:

  • Technical or chemical cleansing until metal is white. ו
  • Mechanical: grade ST3 steel brushes. ו
  • Chemical: rust remover 3000;  grease/oils degreaser M. ו
  • Sand blasting grade: SA 2.5 ו


  • On iron metals: zinc silicate. ו
  • On other metals: apply primer paint proper that provides steady adherence. ו


    • 1 liter, 2.5 liters, 5 liters, 18 liters. ו


    • At shaded room temperature in protected place with proper ventilation. ו
    • Keep lids tightly closed. ו

Shelf Life:

    • 12 months in original packaging. ו